Training in PNUYH

Based on the contract between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and BAUM Architect Inc. it was planned to invite 100 specialists for PNUYH training program according to the table below.
40 medical doctors will be invited for 12 months training.

Additional 60 medical staff including nurses and IT specialists will be invited for 1 month training

If you want to apply for this program please fill out the application form and send it to


    Project progress

Key milestone

2015.04 Contract between BAUM(PNUYH) and MoH of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2015.07 Transmission of training timetable and criteria of doctor-trainees selection
2015.08 Selection of doctor-trainees and local interview (1st phase) 64 people
2015.11 Selection of doctor-trainees and local interview (2nd phase) 35 people
2016.05 Selection of doctor-trainees and local interview (3rd phase) 32 people
2016.06 Providing a curriculum for doctor-trainees education
2016.08 Providing a curriculum for education of nurses and medical engineers
2017.03 Preliminary interview with doctor-trainees
2017.05 4th phase of interview with doctor-trainees and briefing, 20 people
2017.10 Contract between MoH of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Samsung consortium for NCH construction & medical equipment supply
2018.02 Beginning of construction(2018.2.26) with 24months schedule
2018.05~06 Transmission of nurses selection criteria
Online  interview with doctor-trainees (10 people)
2018.07 1st group doctors and their training regulation confirmed between MoH of the Republic of Uzbekistan and PNUYH
2018.08-10 Preparation for trainees entrance (visa, accommodation, tickets, etc)
2018.11 Entrance of the 1st group, 19 doctors to PNUYH; Orientation and start of the training for 12months

Future schedule

2019.01 Announcement for 30 Nurses selection
2019.02 Submission of Applications for doctors and nurses
2019.02~04 Evaluation & Interview of Nurse candidates
2019.04 Confirmation of 30 Nurses joining to PNUYH program
2019.06 Submission of Applications for 2nd group of doctors
2019.07 Entrance of 1st group 15 Nurses to PNUYH for 1month
2019.08 Entrance of 2nd group 15 Nurses to PNUYH for 1month

Confirmation of 21 doctors joining to PNUYH program as a second group

2019.11 Entrance of 2nd group 21 doctors to PNUYH for 12 months



В рамках программы обучения проекта объявляется конкурс на отбор 30 медсестер для отправки на обучение в Пусанский Национальный Университет Республики Корея на один месяц.



According to the project’s training program, a competition is announced for the selection of 30 nurses to be sent for one month training in Pusan National University of Yangsan Hospital