The training center is establishing on the first floor of the hospital and includes:

  • ​Lecture Hall for 50 seats
  • Practical Training Room
  • Simulation Operating Theater
  • Library

​Total space of the training center is about 535 sq. m.

KOICA will provide equipment for this Training Center and run Master classes. It will be installed Minimally Invasive Surgical Skill Lab with 3D laparascopic surgery simulator; organ based Wet-lab and surgery demonstrating system.

KOICA Project Team for this Training Center will be dispatched from 2020 as bellow:

  1. Project Field Manager (pediatrician): 1 person, 24 months
  2. Specialized nurses: 2 persons, 24 months each

Project Action Officer: 1 person, 24 months 


  1. Creation and use of an innovation medical center 
  2. Strengthening the capacity of pediatric specialists in advanced skills in surgery, training and research in the innovation center;
  3. Improvement of the quality of care in pediatrics and reduce mortality and morbidity;

2. Duration of the project and schedule

Duration of the project is five (5) years from the beginning of the project in according to Section IV (from 2016 to 2020)

3. Project budget

The Government of the Republic of Korea will provide grant assistance in the amount of not more than 7 million US dollars (7,210,000,000 Korean won) within the project budget to cover its costs for fulfilling the project obligation specified in Section II, paragraph I.

The Government of Uzbekistan will provide the financial and human resources mentioned in Section II, paragraph 2  for  completion the commitments, and for the sustainable and independent continuation of the project.

Amount of trainees by programs