OPD & Diagnostic center


Heart center, Neuroscience center, Uro/Nephro center, pediatic surgery center out patient clinics are located on the second floor of NCH. Evaluation rooms such as Echo, Holter, Treadmil, EMG, EEG room are located in each Center.
Other non surgical pediatric out patient clinics are located in the first floor.
Every each specialists attend in their out patient clinic. Same specialist will be responsible for admitted patients as well, unless transfer to other doctor done.
Each patient can clearly recognize who is responsible for himself/herself either in OPD or in Inpatient ward.
Diagnostic centers such as Radiology and Nuclear department are on the first floor.
MRI(Signa Architect 3.0 T from GE) and CT(Resolution GSI from GE) operate in Radiology Dept. with PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication System)