Nuclear Medicine Department

This department is composed of two units:

Diagnostic unit

is for studies in SPECT of each organ of the body and for examinations in PET/CT of oncological examinations of the whole body.


Model name: Discovery IQ

It’s the type of discovery that gives you confidence in the accuracy of what you see and in your ability to find disease sooner. It goes hand-in-hand with your drive to provide the best possible patient outcomes for as many patients as you can.

Gamma Camera

Model name: Discovery NM 630

Combining intuitive interfaces and ease of operation with superb image quality, the Discovery NM 630 give healthcare providers the outstanding capability to deliver excellent care to their patients. With doses as low as half those of standard CT and NM scanning protocols. With the potential for significantly less time on the table. And without compromising on image quality.

Cyclotron unit

is for preparation and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals produced by cyclotron.



Model name: MiniTrace w/BIODEX Items

The GE Healthcate MINItrace Qilin positron emitting isotope production system is a compact, self-shielded, highly automated cyclotron. The MINItrace Qilin can produce the company used PET isotopes for clinical routine procedures and research. It also has a capacity to support local distribution demands.