Intensive Care Unit (30 beds)

6 ICU beds are dedicated for Heart Center.
10 ICU beds for Neonates. Other 14 surgical and pediatric ICU beds make total 30 beds capacity. ICU is located in 3rd floor of the main hospital building, next to Operation theater.
Intensivists and Neonatologists are main responsible doctors for this unit.

Neonatal ICU (10 beds)
Neonatology doctors are main responsible doctors for this unit. Neonatologist is a doctor who is involved with high risk infants. They work with premature babies and babies that are born with serious illnesses or those who contract diseases on birth, low birth weight or congenital malformations. They basically work in the neonatal intensive care unit. Babies less than 28 days will be the patients of this unit. Out of 10 NICU beds, 7 are equipped with infant incubators for preterm babies and 3 are equipped with infant warmers for full term babies. Two ambulance vehicles will be equipped with portable ventilator and other required equipment and a neonatology doctor will be a member of an ambulance team in order to provide safe transportation of neonate patients from other hospitals to NCH. Neonatologists will take special care of infants’ timely nutrition to endure their required growth and development. Infants will stay under the supervision of neonatologists until they are ready to leave for home.


Dr. Amanova Nilufar 
Graduated from Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute in 2009
Master degree in Neonatology in 2012
Foreign Education
November 2018 ~ November 2019 at PNUYH, Busan, South Korea
Specialty: High-risk pregnancy, accurate diagnosis and evaluation about neonate, neonatal resuscitation about critical neonate, fluid therapy, electrolyte disorders, acid-base equilibrium, disorders, parenteral nutrition, neonatal infection, apnea neonatorum, apnea of prematurity, infantile respiratory distress syndrome, transiуnt tacypnea of newborn, monitoring and ventilation therapy (invasive/noninvasive) in respiratory system, medical approach and treatment of anemia, evaluation and treatment about various cerebropathia, inborn error of metabolism & metabolic bone disease of premature infant, neonatal disease (need surgical operation)