Heart Center (40 beds)

The main function of cardiovascular surgery and cardiology departments is to provide hi-tech operations for neonatal and older infants to whom congenital heart disease should be treated with the greatest level of urgency.
Heart center will be composed two operation rooms:
1st is for open heart surgery
2nd is for hybrid room where angiogram and open heart surgery can be performed together.
Additionally, 6 ICU beds will be installed in this department.
Cardiologists specializing in congenital heart diseases will play an important role not only in the diagnosis but also in the interventional treatment. To make an appropriate decision for treatment modality cooperation between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons is essential.

Working scope of Heart center

1) Neonate complexes (TGA+IVS, IAA+VSD, etc.)
2) Infant complexes (TGA+VSD, PA+VSD, etc.)
3) Neonatal & infantile post-operative care(ICU)
4) ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation)
5) Cardiac Intervention
6) Heart failure management
7) Diagnosis and treatment in the perinatal period

Cardiovascular surgery department (20 beds)

Dr.Karimov Otabek

Dr. Karimov Otabek Khurshidovich
He graduated with honors from Tashkent State Medical Institute 2 in 1996
Postgraduate education
1996 – 1998 – clinical residency at the Academician V. Vakhidov Scientific Center of Surgery, specialty surgery
1998 – 1999 Surgeon of the Department of Congenital Heart Diseases at the Scientific Center of Surgery named after Academician V. Vakhidov
1999-2003 internship in pediatric cardiac surgeon at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after academician N.M. Amosov of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
2004 defended Ph.D. degree. Speciality cardiovascular surgery (Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD))
2004 specialization in surgery for congenital heart diseases in Hospital Riuniti di Bergamo (Italy) (3 months)
2006 specialization in cardiac surgery (CHD) at the National Cardiovascular Center (Osaka, Japan) (3 months)
2018 specialization in cardiac surgery (CHD) at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the AMS of Ukraine named after N.M. Amosov
Since 2003 is a full member of the Association of Cardiac Surgeons of Ukraine
Specialization: Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Cardiology and Rheumatic disease department (20 beds)
The Department of Cardiology and Rheumatology is a scientific and clinical unit providing specialized medical care to children suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and rheumatological diseases.

Лапасов Саъдулла Хидирович

Dr. Lapasov Sadulla Khidirovich
Graduated from Pediatric Faculty of Samarkand State Medical Institute in 1995.
Postgraduate education:
1995 – 1996, Internship in the field of pediatric diseases in SamMI.
1996 – 1998, Internship in clinic in the field of infectious diseases in SamMI.
Education in abroad:
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “Emergency Care in Pediatric”, Salzburg, Austria, 2003.
H.O. European School for Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health “Public Health Approaches to Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health”, Trieste, Italy, 2010.
Duke University Medical Center “Family Medicine”, Salzburg, Austria, 2014.
November 2019 – November 2020 PNUYH, Pusan, Republic of Korea.
Specialty: Pediatric cardiology and rheumatology.


Yusubov Alisher

Dr. Yusubov Alisher Davletovich
Graduated from Tashkent Medical Academy in 2012
Postgraduate education
2012-2015 Master degree in Thoracic Surgery at Tashkent Medical Aademy
Education in abroad:
November 2019 – November 2020 PNUYH, Pusan, Republic of Korea
Specialty: Pediatric cardiology  


Pediatric cardio surgeon will perform open heart surgery. The goal is 600 cases per year.

MAQUET Cardiovascular has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heart-lung machines and components for extracorporeal circulation. As a compact and portable system, CARDIOHELP System is ideal for the treatment of patients who require respiratory and /or circulatory support while being transported.

Angiography Innova IGS 530

This angiograph will be installed in hybrid room.Pediatric cardio interventionist will perform diognostic and therapeutic intervention with angiography.

The Innova IGS 530 is designed from the ground to provide the image clarity you need while helping you keep dose as low as possible. The flat-panel digital detector is designed for a wide range of cardiovascular and interventional imaging procedures. It can cover both legs simultaneously and maintains the capability for steep angulations.