The National Children’s Medical Center was built in the Yashnabad district of Tashkent. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the National Children’s Medical Center on May 20 at 18:00.

The center, worth more than $ 130 million, was built with the support of the Republic of Korea, a project by Baum Corporation. This is the only pediatric institution of its kind in Central Asia that specializes in high-tech services. He is able to perform more than 1,500 unique operations per year.

The four-story medical building is designed for 280 beds and can accept up to 250 patients per day. The center is equipped with magnetic resonance imaging, multispiral computed tomography, a DNA analyzer and modern technology for detecting cancer several years ago. More than 100 doctors and nurses completed an internship in South Korea and returned, improving their skills and are ready to work.

Surgical equipment is equipped with a special camera, which allows other hospitals and universities to view operations online. Remote medical examinations and consultations are carried out using modern technologies, effective treatment methods are discussed.

– This center is our national treasure. Along with qualified treatment for children, it is necessary to organize high-quality medical services in the country’s regions based on modern telemedicine technologies, ”said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The center was entrusted with conducting innovative research in the field of pediatrics, organizing complex operations and high-tech procedures with the involvement of foreign specialists, and improving the qualifications of medical workers.

The head of state got acquainted with the conditions created in the center. He visited the Situation Center and talked with experts from Busan Yangsan University in South Korea.

In the future, close to the center, it is planned to open a modern clinic for adults and a university. A draft of these institutions has been submitted.

“Children’s and adult medical centers will have regional offices.” Thus, we will raise both the science and practice of the medical system to the level of the most modern standards, ”the President said.

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