On 2nd of April selection committee of MoH invited all applied candidates for PNUYH nurses program and conducted interviews with them. Committee had to sort all the candidates in accordance to the stated requirements. Every interview lasted 5 – 10 minutes, where specialists of the MoH interviewed candidates regarding qualification, knowledge of foreign languages and computer skills, work experience, and some case studies were given as well. Overall 52 nurses came to interview. According to preliminary estimates by the selection committee 12 nurses can qualify to the next stage. The Ministry intends to announce the competition and selection of nurses one more time.
Selection committee consisted of 6 people from MoH and PID members. Here is the list of interviewers:

  • Abdusamatova B. E. – Deputy of the Department of the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood;
  • Musajanova L. Kh. – Director of the Republican Center for Qualification Improvement of Paramedic and Pharmaceutical Personnel;
  • Yuldasheva L. Y. – Leading Specialist of MoH of the Main Department of Science and Education;
  • Nematov N. – Project Manager for National Children Hospital;
  • Ibrahimova M. – PID Specialist for Training Candidates to PNUYH Program;
  • Israilkhodjaeva F. – HMC Specialist of Finance for National Children Hospital Project.

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